BEE ENGAGED- A Clarion call to every human being

The universe, no doubt, is a harmony of diversities; biological and non biological. Of the numerous biological diversities known, the insect, bee occupies a vintage position, first because of its sweet honey and second, because of its painful sting. These two realities are the main attributes for which most humans know the bee. But, by far, bee's most significance, within the ecosystem, is its involvement in the sustenance of life; both of humans and his livestock.

Food is crucial to human existence, and flowering plants produce the chunk of food upon…

Islamization or Fulanization in Nigeria.

Christians spread the gospel of Christ. They proselyte, evangelize and preach.

Islam historically spread through Jihad and forceful conversion. This assertion is subject to debate. But history is resplendent of instances when Muslims pursue spiritual or political goal via Jihad, with the attendant loss of lives, conquest and enslavement of captives.

The coinage of the contemporary development in Nigeria as Islamization can be accommodated in the light of the historical background and the fanatical approach to islamic religion as evident in Fulani jihadist lifestyle.
Many non fulani muslims feel injured when the christian community alleges fulanization and islamization of the geographical…

Youth aspiration to leadership: Who qualifies?

Our fathers gave us an unfinished project called Nigeria. In reality, they had it so good during the colonial era. Prosperity was bequeathed to them as they followed in the footsteps of the colonial ruling class, who obviously did their best.

Sadly, making or building a nation with rules, laws and culture of development was utopian to them. Crude tribalism and religion were readily applied for power grab, instead of the hardwork required to build institutions for a modern state and governance.

Interestingly, members of the Nigerian power class have positioned their anointed cronies…

Asaju Toye

excited by nature, and full of goodwill to mankind

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